Charlotte Conference
Frequently Asked Questions
Q- On the schedule it says "LeMans Start" at 8AM Friday, what does LeMans Start
A- Lemans Start comes from the old way they used to start Formula 1 LeMans Gran Prix sports car races where the drivers all lined up across the track and they ran across the track and jumped in their cars and roared off to race. Everyone must be out of the Flea Market area prior to 8AM Friday morning.
If we didn't control the start time there are some folks that would be out there before daylight, or even the day before.
If you will click on this text you will be taken to a page with photos of the 2004 LeMans start.

Q- Do I have to be  member of the CC-AWA or AWA to attend the Conference?
A- NO, the Charlotte Conference is open to any one with an interest in old radios,
but once you pay your registration fee for the conference you will automatically
become a member of the CC-AWA as membership is included with registration.

Q- I didn't get a brochure in the mail, how do I pre-register for the Conference?
A- There are several ways to pre-register,  
Click on this highlighted text to visit our pre-registration page
or you can printout the pre-registration form found on the main Conferecne page and just mail it in along with your payment.
If there is time you can contact the Conference chairman and request a brochure be mailed to you. Per-Registrations must be received by March 8th, 2012.

Q- My wife is coming with me, does she have to register and pay admission too?
A- NO, spouses are admitted FREE and do not have to register. If your spouse wants their own bidder number for the auctions, then they will have to register separately.

Q- I just want to buy radios in the Flea Market, do I still have to pay the full registration fee?
A- YES - This event is a regional conference not just a simple flea market.
Your registration fee is required to support all the activities of the conference.

However if you find that you cannot attend the main conference activities on Thursday & Friday, we can offer you a FREE admission for Saturday only attendees.

Q- I plan to pay for a space to sell in the Flea Market, do I have to pay the registration fee too?
A- YES, everyone must register, the fee for the Vendor Space fee is just space rental.

Q- When can I setup my stuff in the Flea Market?

The #1 Flea Market Rule.
All of us on the conference committee work hard trying to make this a fun and enjoyable event for everyone attending.  In order to have organization for such a large event, it is necessary to have rules. To be fair to ALL the attendees, our primary rule (which we instated more than 20 years ago) is,

"No Buying, Selling, Trading or DISPLAYING of any merchandise
before 8AM on Friday".

As in the past, we will strictly enforce this rule.  It is for your benefit, not ours.
You may setup tables but no goods for sale may be on display.  Commercial dealers selling replacement parts may setup tables, but goods must remain covered, out of sight until 8 AM.
If this rule is violated, you will get ONE warning.  If the warning is not heeded, your registration fees and flea market fees will be refunded and you will be asked to leave the event.
Unfortunately, we have had to exercise this in the past and will continue to do so.  Acceptance of a flea market vendor pass constitutes your agreement to abide by these terms and conditions.
Submission of a Registration form constitutes your agreement to abide this rule.

Q- Will food be available in the Flea Market area?
A- YES, The hotel will be selling breakfast and lunch items in the Registration Tent on Friday and breakfast on Saturday

Q- When can I check in items for the Auctions and the Contest?
A- Anytime the Auction Preview and Contest rooms are open.
We hope to have them open all day on Thursday, and for several hours Friday morning.

Q- I've mailed in my pre-registration, when will I receive my tickets in the mail?
A- No "tickets" will be mailed. When you arrive at the Conference you will need to go to the Registration Desk and pickup you Registration Packet. It will contain your name tag, auction bidder card and if you have paid for them your vendor pass and banquet and luncheon tickets. On Thursday the Registration Desk will be located in the hotel lobby, on Friday it will be in the Registration Tent at the entrance to the Flea Market.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact
our confrence chairman,
Ron Lawrence
704-289-1166 after 6pm

This page was last updated on: December 17, 2012